Oh! The places we can go & the dreams we can dream!

Brian Feister - Photographer in Delaware, Baltimore, and Philadelphia

About Brian

Have you ever been so passionate about something that every time you think about it your heart aches, your mind races, and your mouth goes 1,000 miles per hour (or doesn’t open at all)? Well that’s how I feel about photography. There are no words to express the bliss that I experience from hearing stories of how my photography made the bride & groom’s whole family weep tears of joy!

Even as I write, I wish for more space to write without being long-winded and more of your time to tell you I love you and want to capture those perfect moments in your life.

Oh! The places we can go & the dreams we can dream!

When I shoot an event, I look for the moments in between breaths, the whispered words by two lovers, the moment when a dancer connects deeply and brings forth something from their own soul. Everyone can recognize those moments when they see them. For me, there is nothing greater than capturing them for my clients in a natural, organic, and honest way. Many photographers can create or manufacture moments, but for me, whether it’s the inherent magic of a wedding day or just a “normal” day in my studio, there is a magic in the people that I meet that is always present, though sometimes dormant or neglected. My passion is to lure that magic out from within people and then capture it through timeless images that can be treasured forever.

Today, more than ever before, mastery of any form of media is preceded by a deep understanding of technology. In addition to my work as a photographer, I am also the Creative Director of DreamStar Studios – a web design studio with a penchant for out-of-the-box web and design work. Above all things, technology is a way to help people and I’d love to put my knowledge and passion to work for you by helping you make your memories permanent. After all, it is a day that is only lived once!